Nicholas Milliken, your UCP candidate for Calgary-Currie

Nicholas lives in Calgary-Currie with his wife Christine and their son Eric. Prior to becoming a lawyer and a business owner, Nicholas received a B.A. in Economics, and a B.Com., with distinction, both from the University of Alberta.  He then received his law degree from the University of Saskatchewan. After working for an international law firm, he started his company in Calgary-Currie and scaled it up to do business across Canada.

Through legislative action and legal review, we can cancel the carbon tax and renegotiate transfer payments. Smaller government and responsible spending brings the budget back in line. Rewriting the regulatory environment and supporting our natural resources attracts investment back to the energy industry, which is the heart of our economy.  We can incentivize R&D, innovation and renewable technology by pledging a percentage of royalties derived from resources that flow through newly built pipelines, which will do more to reach tide-water and new markets than any “social license” ever did. 

Nicholas volunteers with a local charity based in Calgary-Currie that helps integrate new Canadian children into our community through sport, art, music and fellowship. Nicholas helped this charity raise funds and buy a new ten-seater bus which safely drives our youth to charity programs. He defended residents in court, on his own time. He regularly volunteers to give legal advice to constituents.  His company, Brolly Recruitment Ltd., supports community events and BBQ’s. Nicholas served on the UCP Calgary-Currie board as a VP, he sits on the RKHCA development committee and he attends Sacred Heart with his family. More than words, these actions showcase his commitment to serve our community.